Thursday 11 November 2021

Live Review: The Snuts, Sin City Swansea 10/11/2021

Having built their reputation on the live circuit, The Snuts have crafted an innate ability in moulding the crowd in to a frenzy of flailing hands and arms, perfectly poised in their palm. Lockdown was sure to have a hit on their momentum yet despite the pause in live music, the band went on to release their debut album 'W.L.', topping the charts to great acclaim. Building on their already set foundations, the band readily awaited to unleash their energy when concerts returned. As they took to the stage last night they wasted no time in unravelling this pent up enthusiasm, setting the bar high with Glasgow as the crowd instantaneously broke out in to a riot.  

All your Friends equally upped the ante with it swaggering basslines and infectious melodies. The hits then soon came thick and fast as Always delivered on its catchy guitar lines and animated vocals before Boardwalk floated in to its cathartic, explosive finale. Elsewhere, unreleased new single Burn The Empire showcased their boisterous rock sound as snarling guitars and intensifying choruses captivated from the offset.

If there's one thing The Snuts do well it's brash, floor stomping vibrancy and their music truly comes to life in the live environment - evidently made clear by the roaring crowd. "I'm not sure you can even understand me" shouted lead singer Jack Cochrane in his thick Scottish accent. But the audience certainly could as they sung back every word at the top of their voices. Not that he needed any reassurance of their adoration.

In a mixture of sweat, beer and who knows what else, the atmosphere inside continued to rise as the band rattled through tracks from their debut album and single releases. However, decked out in sunglasses and denim jackets the West Lothian four-piece remained cool calm and collected rarely breaking stance. 

Sadly without an encore the night was over as quickly as it began as fans eagerly anticipated one more song but were unfortunately met with the venues lights being switched on. Despite its abrupt culmination the band still managed to pack in a hit-fest set list that truly displayed the ammunition they behold. 


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