Sunday 13 February 2022

Live Review: Pale Waves, Cardiff Students Union 12/02/2022

As the band celebrate the first anniversary of their second album 'Who Am I?', an electrifying evening in Cardiff seemed to be the fitting ceremony it so rightly deserved. Suitably warmed up following Hot Milk's power pop-punk that rained down across the vibrant crowd, the band walked out joyfully before opening with Change.

From supporting label-mates The 1975 on their 2019 arena tour, to readily building their own unique sound & image in to the identity it has today, the Manchester based outfit almost naturally transformed in to the growing act they are and it's this confidence that excels as they embark on their biggest headline run of dates yet.

Wasting no time the band powered through their top hits Television Romance and Eighteen as the crowd became whipped in to a frenzy as hands and arms flailed amongst a sea of lit up phone screens. Suitably mixing up tracks from both albums there's no let up from the energising, jangly guitar melodies as Heather Baron-Gracie pointed the mic in to the crowd as they idolatry sang back each and every word at the top of their lungs. 

Constantly progressing, to the fans surprise, the band unveiled their latest unreleased single Jealousy, a pop-punk anthem that completely changes their dynamic whilst still retaining that natural Pale Waves backbone of harmonising melodies. The single proves to be a lightening injection of energy in to their set. Heather affectionately thanked the crowd for singing back the words, despite the song only being debuted during the previous night's show.

Having created a safe space for inclusion it's great to witness fans from all walks of life coming together to enjoy the music they love and it's clear to see the band's adoration shows no bounds as they praised the Welsh audience before bowing out. 

As quickly as the night began, the band returned to the stage for a final time with an encore of She's My Religion and There’s A Honey. It's clear to see Pale Waves have come a long way from those demo tracks on their Soundcloud page many years ago, yet there's still so much drive and ambition left for them to explore and as they tease album number 3, we can only wait with bated breath.

Pale Waves played:
Television Romance
Fall to Pieces
One More
Wish U Were Here
Odd Ones Out
My Obsession
The Tide Play

She's My Religion
There's a Honey


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