Tuesday 8 March 2022

Bloomsday - Phase (Official Music Video)

(Photo credit: Gabi Rudin)

Returning with the lead single from their upcoming new album 'Place to Land', out June 10th, Brooklyn based duo Bloomsday unveil their glittering new effort Phase. Written about transitions and rebirth, Iris says of the song and video: "I wrote this song amidst a very stagnant period, emotionally. I had recently undergone an upheaval of life: I had changed my job, housing, had a new friend group, and new romantic relationships. All of my surroundings had changed drastically in the fall of 2019. I remember I had a moment of stillness after the dust settled, and I was shaky inside. I remember feeling like it was a calm before a storm, which is interesting to look back on now since it was right before the pandemic hit in 2020. Through this song I am trying to express the discomfort of transitions with all of the unknown and unknowable. 'What will change? When will it need to? What will be the cause? 'If change is the only constant, as they say, then my plea here is that I desperately hope life will go easy on me. The lyrics “Stuck in the bad thoughts, talk yourself into knots” shows a dialogue with my anxiety—not trusting that ‘everything will be okay’. Through transitional times we become anew. The cycle continues. “Over and over, all you become, over and over” is the theme of the album I would say. I would attribute this song to the tarot card “Death” which is actually a card of rebirth." Take a listen for yourselves below. 


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