Sunday 20 March 2022

Low Lying Sun - Hymn To Say Goodbye


Following the recent announcement of their debut EP 'Hymn To Say Goodbye', which is set to be released April 1st through BSW Music / Lab Records, the Essex-based outfit have returned to unveil their electrifying video to its title track. Speaking about the new video, they said, "With the video for 'Hymn To Say Goodbye' we set out to explore the grief and tragedy of the song. We aimed for the dark Lynchian visuals to illustrate its foreboding aspects whilst trying to not lose the sweetness and melancholy. It walks a fine line between dreamlike and nightmarish. We have always been keen to have full control of our narrative and aesthetic, so we shot and edited it all ourselves. It is very much a calling card as to what Low Lying Sun is all about." Take a watch of the visual for yourselves below.

'Hymn To Say Goodbye' EP Tracklist:
1. Hymn To Say Goodbye
2. Car Crash
3. Dirty Lip
4. Car Crash - Alternate

Low Lying Sun are formed of frontman Michael Hemmings, guitarist Ross Connell, bassist Matt Chan, and drummer Noah Booth.


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