Wednesday 30 March 2022

NoSo - David

Photo credit: Bella Rose Porter

Ahead of their anticipated debut album - Stay Proud Of Me - out 8 July via Partisan Records, Korean-American artist NoSo unveils the stunning new single David. Channelling its huge pop sensibilities comes a scintillating melody packed hit that proves to be a real ear-worm. Explaining the song in more detail they go on to say "One summer night, I had a dream that I was a white dude sitting in a church pew; I saw the way girls giggled and whispered to each other excitedly upon noticing me, and other men gave me nods of respect. The way I was perceived in such a positive and palatable way hit me in the gut; I even recognized it was a dream when it was happening. I woke up emotional and so disappointed in myself; I had done a lot of work to unlearn internalized racism, and I had been feeling so proud of my identity. But I had to be gentle with myself and remember that it's a plethora of issues; bullying from peers, the media we consume that spotlights euro-centric beauty standards, and the desperate desire to not feel like you inherently take up too much space. It seems to be a universal experience for POC (especially during childhood) to look in the mirror and resent your own features. That dream (and writing this song) reminds me that these kinds of issues don’t disappear overnight; it sneaks up on your subconscious in layered ways." Take a listen for yourselves below.

NoSo -
Stay Proud Of Me - out 08/07/22 on Partisan

1. Parasites
2. Suburbia
3. David
4. I Feel You
5. I’m Embarrassed
6. Honey Understand
7. Sorry I Laughed
8. Feeling Like A Woman Lately
9. Man Who Loves You
10. Everything I’ve Got


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