Wednesday 13 April 2022

Matt Taylor - April 13th

Photo credit: Cory Schiltz

Suitably titled, today sees Brighton-based artist Matt Taylor return with his stunning new offering, April 13th. With its huge pop sensibilities and dramatic tempo shifts, the track perfectly depicts a relationship breakdown as Taylor honestly reflects on some of its darker moments. "After I took some time away I met back up with him in mid September to put it all to rest, and it’s really just about that whole conversation. I knew where the conversation was ultimately going to go, but I was kind of shocked by how dismissive he was of it all. It was so confusing to me that everything was changing, from why it had all happened in the first place to why he even spent time with me.   What hurt the most was when he told me that the only reason he had been spending so much time with me was because he had nothing better to do. It hurt so much because it’s so cowardly. He couldn’t even take responsibility for the choices he made. After this conversation, I cut him out entirely and I wrote the track about three weeks later". Take a listen for yourselves below. 


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