Sunday 15 May 2022

Hanne Mjøen - Bad for My Health

Drawing from the elusive pop blueprint, Norwegian-based artist Hanne Mjøen returns with her shimmering new single Bad For My Health. With huge pop sensibilities and towering choruses, the track documents the ups and downs relationships often entail with push pull emotions coming to surface. Speaking about the single in more detail she goes on to say ''Sometimes I think love is bad for me, and in some ways it is, because it isn't always good and we’re not always good for each other. We do toxic things and we have our selfish moments. “You're bad for my health but you’re good for my heart” is my way of describing the ups and downs of a relationship when you’re too honest with each other, fighting over stuff that don’t really matter, not knowing if you should take a break or break up, but because it feels so good when it's good, you keep trying.'' Take a listen for yourselves below.


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