Thursday 5 May 2022

Jamie T shares new album details and reveals single 'The Old Style Raiders'

Credit Will Robson-Scott

Making his very welcomed return with week, iconic artist and producer Jamie T has returned with news of his upcoming new album ‘The Theory of Whatever’ and has shared the record's first single ‘The Old Style Raiders’ which launched as the Hottest Record In The World on Radio 1 last night. Coinciding with the announcement included details of Jamie’s first live show in 5 years. Fans who pre-order ‘The Theory of Whatever’ from Jamie T’s official store ( by 17:00 5th May can purchase tickets for an intimate show at Subterania in London on 11th May. “I was struggling to find my direction with the record for a few years, really,” he admits. “I went home one day, and I found this track that I had recorded, pretty much fully finished. And I was really upset, because I realised that I'd spent the last six months asking other people to tell me if something was good. Then I heard this track and I just immediately knew I'd kind of found my path. It's got hope in it, It's fighting to find something that means enough to you that you love. The fight to find that, and to carry on striving, to find something you love enough to hold on to. Rather than kid love or movie love or, gushy love or lust love, whatever you have when you're younger – it’s actually trying to fight for something that means more than that. It's the struggle to find that.” Take a listen for yourselves below. 


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