Thursday 16 June 2022

emie nathan - static

Continuing to build on her previous single's successes, newcomer emie nathan has shared her stunning new self-reflective effort, static. Channelling huge pop sensibilities comes another hook driven pop masterpiece with towering melodies and infectious choruses. Speaking about the track, Emie said “For me, static takes back ownership and power over the period where I wasn’t myself. I was finally able to write something that felt right using the words I wish I had at the time. It depicts a moment when I was 18 in my first semester of college and figuring things out. It talks about the aftermath of a seemingly innocent decision that led to a pretty scary situation. I was too trusting of someone I’d shared a lot with, but who didn’t take care of me in a very vulnerable situation - and then let me down in a big way. Looking back on that night now seven years later I’m not scared or anxious anymore, but I am changed for it.” Take a listen for yourselves below.

Live dates June 2022 
25th - Malahide Castle, Dublin, RoI * supporting Lewis Capaldi * 
26th - Ormeau Park, Belfast, UK  * supporting Lewis Capaldi * 
28th - Castlefield Bowl, Manchester, UK * supporting Lewis Capaldi * 
30th - Barn On The Farm Festival, Gloucester, UK


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