Sunday 14 August 2022

Bo Milli - How It Is

Photo credit: Synne Sofi B√łnes

Bergen, Norway based newcomer Bo Milli has recently released her new single "How It Is". With bold melodies and catchy guitar riffs comes a soaring aspirant new effort that's filled with 00's nostalgia. Speaking more on the original conception of the song and its lyrical inspiration, Bo Milli said: "Originally the chorus was this tiny bit where I say "you know how it is" — a sort of anti-chorus undermining the idea of a thesis statement. This song is mainly made up of lines gesturing towards a vague dissatisfaction everyone seems to relate to, without really saying much outright. The second verse briefly references how this feeling and this way of writing seems to have been pervasive for a good while, as "that strokes hit" plays at some party. They debuted in 2001 with an album that I feel sums up this mode that a lot of music still operates within. Odd Martin came back to me suggesting the song have an actual chorus and when I messed around I found a riff I really liked, something kind of "big" in line with the original idea. I added a couple of lines I’d written while feeling horrible on a very long bus trip." Take a listen for yourselves below. 


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