Friday 16 September 2022

Vistas - Back Of The Car

Unveiling their first new music of '22, Scotland's Vistas have made their highly anticipated return with the gripping new single Back Of The Car. Taken from the band's new EP Beautiful Nothing, slated for a release this Autumn, the track sees the band shift in to their anthemic territory once more with its rousing percussion and soaring melodies that slowly pace their way towards an explosive crescendo. Speaking about 'Back of the Car', frontman Prentice Robertson said: "Back of the car is a bit darker than anything else we’ve done, more rock driven than our old stuff and is definitely up there with one of my favourite Vistas songs. As soon as I hit the first few notes of that opening riff I knew we had something special and that it would take us in a whole new direction as a band. It was written while one of my family members was in hospital so the lyrics became about that period of time. I wanted to get out what I felt and open up more in this new batch of songs. I think it’s the most emotionally raw song we’ve released so I hope people connect to it in that way." Listen for yourselves below.


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