Monday 17 October 2022

The Clockworks - Advertise Me

Currently amidst their UK and European tour, The Clockworks recently returned with their charged up, euphoric new single Advertise Me. "The idea for this song started with the line: ‘complain about consumers from the comfort of my Mac" the band explain. "It got me thinking about contemporary culture and that feeling of dissonance that comes from criticising society while continuing to conform to it. The song is partly a satire in answer to this feeling." Take a listen for yourselves below. 

5 - Dolan’s, Limerick, Ireland
6 - Cyprus Avenue, Cork, Ireland
10 - Whelan’s, Dublin, Ireland
12 - Roisin Dubh, Galway, Ireland
16 - AB Club, Brussels, Belgium
17 - Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands
26 - Super Bock Em Stock, Lisbon, Portugal

7 Manufaktur, Schorndorf, Germany
8 - C/O Pop Festival, Cologne, Germany
9 - Molotow, Hamburg, Germany
10 - Badehaus, Berlin, Germany
12 - Café V Lese, Prague, Czech Republic
13 - Beatpol, Dresden, Germany
14 - Heppel & Ettlich, Munich, Germany
15 - 806qm, Darmstadt, Germany
16 - Cafe Glocksee, Hannover, Germany


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