Sunday 9 October 2022

Winnie Rader - I Never Danced

Making exceptional use of the track's endearing space comes the stunning new single from Winnie Raeder. With just the fraught fragility of her glistening vocals and softly played acoustic guitar, I Never Danced showcases the broad and varied aspect of her talents and sets about adding another fine effort to her already lustrous catalogue. Commenting on her new track, Winnie explains: “When my partner and I started dating, she took my hand out of nowhere as we were cooking in the kitchen. She pulled me in and started to dance with me. It wasn’t to joke around, she genuinely just wanted to dance with me. For whatever reason, I freaked out in my head, and couldn’t just give in to the moment. I think I came up with some bad excuse to get out of it. And I remember being really frustrated and confused, as to why I couldn’t just allow that moment to happen. I realised that there are some things we’ve perhaps told ourselves we don’t do. For no other reason than we haven’t done it before, or I’m not that kind of person, or maybe insecurities. It could be a million things. And I realised that there are so many beautiful and fun moments we miss out on, simply because we stop ourselves from doing them. I wanted that to change. So now we dance all of the time, everywhere. The song isn’t really about dancing though. It’s really about how sometimes you can meet someone, it could be anyone, who somehow manages to unlock even the smallest things in you, that make you able to just enjoy things a little bit more. And I think that’s quite lovely." Take a listen for yourselves below.


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