Monday 28 November 2022

Live Review: Blossoms, Cardiff Student Union 26th November 2022

Now just a faded memory, I was lucky enough to last catch Blossoms in Cardiff supporting Courteeners on a monstrous UK tour in 2014. With an EP under their belts they were steadily picking up traction which now feels like a whirlwind away, no thanks to their massive well-deserved uprising over a short span of time. 

Now with their fourth album (and third number one) they returned to the Welsh capital in support of Ribbon Around The Bomb for a show that was gleamed in pop perfection and a true standing testament to their work ethic. 

As the rain poured outside, a storm of its own was brewing in the venue as fans eagerly awaited the band to emerge. A sea of rising phones and amplified screams marked their prompt arrival as the band launched straight in to a triple threat with At Most A Kiss, Oh No, I Think I’m In Love and Honey Sweet whipping the crowd in to a frenzy. 

The band's presence on stage is slick. Loosely unbuttoned shirts, flared trousers and hair to envoke envy in most. And they've got the catalogue to match their demeanour as they rattled through some of their finest pop artillery in flamboyant fashion.

Now with extra percussion and backing vocals, the band's ever larger than life sound continues to grow and explore new avenues as their track's are lapped up by the audience. The dual drumming with John Simm and Joe Donovan and enhanced harmonies courtesy of Collette Williams are an added highlight.

Amongst their record's top hits is even a new song with driving basslines and soaring vocals. "It is a Saturday night isn't it" Tom Ogden prosed to the eager crowd. Not that they needed reminding a half full £5 plastic Carling bottles are chucked around like confetti.

All good things must sadly come to an end though. Blink and you'll miss it. As quickly as the night began, the band have bowed off stage to re-emerge for an encore with a signature elongated rendition of Charlemagne. It's a fitting end to an electrifying evening of live music, courtesy of Stockport's finest. And with an insatiable knack for creating some of the best pop moments this decade, it won't be long before they're back in arena format.


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