Monday 6 February 2023

Bekah Bossard - What You Wanted

Bekah Bossard - What You Wanted

Emerging through a lustrous medley of swirling vocals and glistening guitar strums comes the impressive debut single from newcomer Bekah Bossard. The California-born & Exeter-raised artist has today unveiled the life-affirming What You Wanted which sees her build a remarkable energy through stirring percussion and despondent lyricism that tackles the rejection she faced when coming out as queer. She goes on to explain in more detail, "Through writing this one, I was processing the grief of loosing relationships, letting go of the fear of being myself, and not feeling enough. I hope anyone who feels alone will know that they are fully loved and seen. There are so many people who will be lucky to get to know you!". The track comes ahead of her debut headline show okaying London's Folklore this week on Thursday the 9th February. Take a listen for yourselves below.


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