Wednesday 1 February 2023

Inhaler - If You're Gonna Break My Heart

(Credit Lewis Evans)

Inhaler - If You're Gonna Break My Heart

Ahead of releasing their eagerly awaited second album ‘Cuts & Bruises’, due on February 17th via Polydor Records, Inhaler have today unveiled the record's latest cut, If You're Gonna Break My Heart. Showing further dynamics to their ever evolving sound, the band showcase their growing maturity through piano led melodies, soft palatable vocals and plenty effortlessly layered, elongated guitars. Speaking about the track's inspiration they go on to say “Whilst on tour in America last year we were listening to a lot of music by some of the great American writers such as Bob Dylan, The Band, Bruce Springsteen etc. Listening to these artists while travelling on big open highways resonated with us and helped shape this song into making us sound more like a live band than we had before.” Take a listen for yourselves below.

Cuts & Bruises’ features 11 tracks and was produced by Inhaler’s long term collaborator Antony Genn at his north-west London studio Narcissus.

The tracklisting is:
Just To Keep You Satisfied
Love Will Get You There
So Far, So Good
These Are The Days
If You’re Gonna Break My Heart
Perfect Storm
Dublin In Ecstasy
When I Have Her On My Mind
The Things I Do
Now You Got Me


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