Monday 20 February 2023

Organ Morgan - Figurehead

Photo credit: Howard Holloway

Sprawling in to life from its unassuming softly fluctuating synth notes comes the glorious, emotively charged new single from London based Organ Morgan. Almost poetically tangible, the track quickly picks up pace before ascending in to its soaring, towering culmination. Speaking more on the lyrical story of "Figurehead", Harris McMillan explained: "A captain’s song to his ship, Figurehead follows the course of love through devotion, jealousy and doubt." McMillan continues, "Now I have a much more censorious attitude towards what I’m saying and writing and as a result discard much of what I come up with. In essence though my approach is the same - a fragmented collection from my diaries and poems which fall into place when an idea or feeling interests me enough. I get a kick out of appearing confessional but very often this is just a magpie’s nest full of shiny bric a brac and stolen sentiment." Take a listen for yourselves below. 


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