Wednesday 17 May 2023

Jo Hill – Off The 45

Returning with her new single, Off The 45, Cheddar Born pop wunderkind Jo Hill tears up the rule book and leaves us craving more. In just 2 minutes 45 seconds the now London living artist manages to cram in more than most can only dream of with catchy hooks, empowering choruses and infectious melodies. Speaking about the track she goes on to say "I love the idea of being in a car and driving off into the sunset. I wanted to capture that feeling of freedom and finding the power to leave in a song. But the track is also about retaliation, the actions you would threaten to do if your partner turned around and said “I’m leaving you”. It’s inspired by my Grandma, Omar, who was the biggest drama queen and she would always say to my Grandad “I’m off to Beachy Head!! That’s it!! I’m going!” (Even though we knew she was joking). This is me embracing my inner Omar. The zestiness and the energy that she had". Listen for yourselves below.


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