Tuesday 9 May 2023

Swim Club - Hercules

Inspired by an impulsive escapist sailing trip around the azure blue Mediterranean Sea, Laurits Bigum Steinberg returned to Copenhagen with a fresh horizon to focus on. Here we have the first lustrous fruits of his labour under moniker Swim Club. Filled with buoyant synths and catchy melodies, Hercules delivers a melding of soft acoustics elements and forward thinking electronica to bring home an infectious pop masterpiece. Speaking about the new single, he goes on to say "’Hercules’ is about the rise and fall of the heroes of our lives. To see that rock-solid person, who was always strong like an ancient Greek hero and wise like a god to you, struggle to get back up. It’s also a song about preserving good relations while the world is changing and seemingly nothing is what it used to be." ‘Hercules’ will be followed up by a debut-EP out on May 26th. Check it for yourselves below.

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