Thursday 22 June 2023

Georgia Gets By - Easier To Run

Photo Credit: Silken Weinberg

Georgia Nott has become known for her work in BROODS, the electronic pop project she started with her brother over a decade ago, something that's since grown into a multi-million streamed phenomenon. Here she returns with first new new solo work under the moniker Georgia Gets By. The first single Easier To Run is a cathartic emblem of a post relationship breakdown and looks set to be another exciting step in her musical career as its crashing pop sensibilities and charging crescendos deliver a force to be reckoned with. Speaking about the track she goes on to say, “‘Easier to Run’ is a song for all the avoidant lovers who would sooner evaporate than commit,” Georgia explains. “It’s about the emotional whiplash of a breakup. The push and pull of love and fear. It dreams of closure and the courage to be honest". Take a listen/watch for yourselves below with the Silken Weinberg-directed video.


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