Tuesday 25 July 2023

Zola Courtney - “California”

photo by Kinga Kutermankiewicz

British wunderkind Zola Courtney has returned with her gut wrenchingly beautiful new single California. Written about a breakup it touches on the topic of what if, something I'm sure many can relate to. The track itself is a glistening ball of hope led by her glacial vocals and piano melodies. Speaking about the song, Zola explains “California was written in the early stages, during the ‘what have I done’ phase of the breakup. I kept thinking about specific moments in the relationship that had meant a huge amount to me. I did a writing trip to California when I was 19 and had a really awful time. My boyfriend at the time flew out to be with me and I’m still so grateful he did that. That was near the beginning of our relationship and New York was the last place we visited together. The song talks about these bookend moments, as well as feelings of doubt and regret, but also care and admiration for him and all the things we did together.” Take a listen for yourselves below. 



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