Wednesday 2 August 2023

Claudia Kate - Good Stuff

Photo credit: Louis Hitchcock

With life becoming so hectic we can often neglect time for the good stuff. Claudia Kate knows this all too well as she muses on her latest single that's packed with fun melodies and huge pop sensibilities. Of the track, Kate said: “‘Good Stuff’ is the result of myself and Ben working together for the first time, with the song being sparked by me declaring mid convo that there is just ‘no room for the good stuff’, in my life. Essentially, we found common ground in a love for weird sounding synths and a hatred for ‘insta vs reality’. We really wanted to ride the wave that ‘BIG TALK, little girl’ created, so naturally fell into spoken word and social commentary. I’m so proud of this song and the start of a new era; I hope it can make somebody feel less alone in their frustrations”. Take a listen for yourselves below.


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