Tuesday 22 August 2023

Colouring - Lune (Official Video)

Photo credit: Pierce Tews

Almost three years to the day since last featuring on the blog, singer and musician Jack Kenworthy has made his very welcomed return under the much loved moniker Colouring. Unveiling his brand new single Lune, for anyone familiar with his previous work, the subject matter remains firmly in the love and relationship genre of songwriting, here telling the tale of teamwork in a relationship. Commenting on the track Kenworthy says: “For me, this is the song about teamwork in a relationship. It’s a message of togetherness between two people during adversity and how you prop each other up when the other feels weak.” With music that's always been deeply relatable, there's a line in their previous song Fading that's become burnt in to a memory as it played whilst me and an ex argued in the car, his music continues to move mountains, underpinned here by dazzling piano led melodies and sublime vocals. Take a listen for yourselves below with the stunning video directed by Pierce Tews.


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