Thursday 3 August 2023

Neon Waltz - When All Is Said and Done

This week Scottish indie-outfit Neon Waltz have unveiled their latest single ‘When All Is Said and Done’, the third track from their upcoming album ‘Honey Now’ out 1st September. With huge guitars and crashing percussion it's hard to image the song originally formed as n acoustic number before growing in to its current form. Lead singer Jordan Shearer says about the track: “It started out as an acoustic guitar demo during lockdown. It is based on relationships and people that fell apart in the past few years, watching it happen in real time but being powerless to change the course of a downward spiral. You observe that sometimes people can’t be mended, no matter how much help they’ve received. Although, even at its worst you have to keep hope”. Take a listen for yourselves below. 

UK tour dates:

Tuesday 3rd October | YES Basement, Manchester

Wednesday 4th October | The Lobby @ Camp & Furnace, Liverpool

Thursday 5th October | The Horn, St Albans

Friday 6th October | MOTH Club, London

Sunday 8th October | The Boileroom, Guildford

Monday 9th October | Yellow Arch Studios, Sheffield

Tuesday 10th October | Think Tank, Newcastle

Wednesday 11th October | The Mash House, Edinburgh

Thursday 12th October | Oran Mor, Glasgow


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