Tuesday 12 September 2023

Chartreuse Announce Debut Album Morning Ritual

Photo: Louis Bever

Today marks the excellent return for Chartreuse as they unveil the news of their debut album Morning Ritual, due for release 10th November via Communion Music. Accompanying the announcement is the band's latest single All Seeing All The Time, a track that's rich in their darkened pop aesthetic, bubbling with an earthy undertone. Vocalist Hattie Wilson has the following say – “This song is about the multitude of information we have available to us whenever we want it. Whether that’s factual or fake. The idea arose when I started to worry about Rory’s news intake, he was checking it at all hours of the day and waking up to look at it, there was a lot going on in the world at the time and still is. The lyrics are quite self-explanatory, there’s no hidden meanings in there.This song took many forms, and we tried a lot of ideas to make it work, originally being led by a synth line and my vocals which just didn’t quite work, Mike then took on vocal duties, we took the synth out, replaced it with guitar and the rest followed,we cracked it. When we play this song live it feels like we’re holding on for dear life, it’s so jam packed and intricate that it starts and ends before we quite know what’s happened, which makes it one of my favourites to play live.” The single ‘All Seeing All The Time’ comes accompanied by a video which was filmed in London and directed by Dylan Friese-Greene. Take a watch for yourselves below. 

Live Dates
6th November Poetry Club, Glasgow, UK
8th November YES Basement, Manchester, UK
10th November Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds, UK
11th November Castle & Falcon, Birmingham, UK
13th November Rough Trade, Bristol, UK
16th November Lafayette, London, UK
17th November Le Pop Up, Paris, France
18th November Artheater, Cologne, DE
20th November Molotow Skybar, Hamburg, DE
21st November Kantine am Berghain, Berlin, DE
22nd November Cinetol, Amsterdam, NL


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