Wednesday 20 September 2023

Dolores Forever - 'Why Are You Not Scared Yet'

Photo Credit: Francesca Allen

Fast rising duo Dolores Forever have returned with their explosive new single Why Are You Not Scared Yet. Throwing everything in to the mix, the pair divulge a tale of an existential crisis as they tackle relationships in the modern world, social media and climate change, leaving no stone unturned. The band explain; "Are you terrified most of the time? Cos we are! Climate change, social media, relationships and societal expectations of women are all included in our handy tool kit of anxiety about the world we inhabit, so we made a song about it. Why cry when you can shout, why mope when you can dance. If the world is ending this is our soundtrack to the existential crisis house party.” Take a listen for yourselves below.

Sep 23rd Louisiana, Bristol
Sep 26th Hope & Ruin, Brighton
Sep 27th Oslo, London
Oct 4th Oporto, Leeds
Oct 5th Deaf Institute, Manchester 


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