Thursday 28 September 2023

Really Good Time - Mountain of Spit

If you're as intrigued by the unnerving name of their latest single, and debut EP, you'll be in for an even great treat when you wrap your ears around its rolling, anthemic sound. Unveiling the first single to be lifted from their debut extended player, ‘Escape from the Mountain of Spit’, Dublin's Really Good Time know a thing or two about crafting powerful energised rock, and this is a tasty introduction to what they're capable of as charging guitars battle it out with crashing percussion and excitable vocals. "Mountain of Spit was born out of intense conversations with teenage relatives about self-help gurus on YouTube and TikTok. The song takes aim at the internet demagogues preying on the young, the vulnerable and the disaffected. From the deeply misogynistic ‘self-made’ men who claim to know the secrets to wealth, power, and ‘what women want’, to seemingly  altruistic academics who sow division under the notion of free speech. Really Good Time imagines them holding court, spit lashing from their mouths as they tell us “How to live our lives”, using clever rhetoric to mask their base, cornered-dog urge to suck whatever profit, status, and social capital that can be wrung from the post-capitalist ideological hellscape they help to maintain". Jump onboard for yourselves below.  


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