Monday 25 September 2023

Wings of Desire - 'A Gun In Every Home' and '001 [Tame The War, Feed The Fire]'

Photo Credit: Holly Whitaker

Not ones to do things in halves, rising duo Wings of Desire returned ahead of the weekend with another double release of new singles, taken from their forthcoming debut anthology release Life Is Infinite, due out December 8th. Speaking about the two new tracks, they elaborate:

A Gun In Every Home’ - “Surrendering to yourself can be one of the most difficult things to achieve. We have so many mental programs and blocks preventing us from allowing ourselves to just ‘be’. A gun in every home explores the idea of reflecting on one's shadow in order to break through to the other side. A dark night of the soul, although painful, is a necessary storm we have to go through in order to experience growth and expansion in this incarnation.

‘001 [Tame The War, Feed The Fire]’ - “Is it our burning desires which will lead us and our planet to our ultimate destruction? Or will strength, love and unity lead us to a new beginning? A grand reset... our year zero.001 was a song written before this incarnation of the band. The last few lines giving us the final piece of the puzzle…our name: ‘Tame the war, feed the fire, can’t deny the wings of desire’.Our desires often take over us and have wings of their own. We must eliminate/burn through our desires in order to reach higher states of consciousness. Our attachments can lead us down destructive paths.

14th November - Bristol - Thekla w/ Bleach Lab
15th November - Brighton - Patterns w/ Bleach Lab
16th November - London - Scala w/ Bleach Lab 


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