Thursday 12 October 2023

DellaXOZ - BORING (Official Music Video)

Premiering on BBC Radio 1 with Clara Amfo, 19-year old Manchester based artist DellaXOZ returns with the stunning new single BORING. Anything but its namesake, the track's kaleidoscopic melodies and pulsating electronics showcase an important shift in her process, as her first release to be created collaboratively in a studio working with Mack Jamieson. Speaking further on ‘BORING,’ DellaXOZ reveals; “BORING” to me is like an anthem that inspires you to celebrate your breakups rather than cry about them. I’ve written hundreds of unreleased songs about relationships ending and even blaming myself, sometimes for things I’m not even at fault for. I think a lot of people, specifically girls in my generation, relate to doing that whole negative self-talk thing and clinging onto dead situations that don’t serve us, which inspired me to write this pro-breakup song. ‘BORING’ celebrates leaving relationships that have no emotional benefit and ending repetitive cycles of heartbreak as they're ultimately just boring.” Listen for yourselves below.


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