Tuesday 24 October 2023

Katy Kirby announces new album, Blue Raspberry

Photo: Tonje Thilesen

Today sees New York-based songwriter Katy Kirby share news of her second album Blue Raspberry, due to be released on January 26th, 2024 through ANTI- Records. Heading up the announcement she has unveiled the dazzling new single Table, proving just what can be achieved in 2 minutes as its soft palatable intro quickly fades to a distorted guitar crescendo packed with its energy driven angst. Reflecting on 'Table', Kirby says the song is “a thematic outlier on this record, and more of a lighthearted leftover from my god-haunted past life – it’s the last on the album and sort of serves as an epilogue or outro for the rest of the songs. Most importantly it’s quite fun to sing.” Take a listen below. 

Katy Kirby - Blue Raspberry // ANTI- Records - 26/01/24

1. Redemption Arc
2. Fences
3. Cubic Zirconia
4. Hand to Hand
5. Wait Listen
6. Drop Dead
7. Party of the Century
8. Alexandria
9. Salt Crystal
10. Blue Raspberry
11. Table



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