Tuesday 3 October 2023

Live Review: Do Nothing, Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff - 02/10/2023

Do Nothing, Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff

Cutting about in a suave suit would be all too hot for some, but it's something singer Chris Bailey takes in his stride, without even breaking a sweat. As the band slinked on to stage, a thunderous bassline marked the entrance for the Nottingham-based outfit as chests rattled and nose hairs twinged to their emergence. 

With their tour well under way, the group have made their arrival to (not so) sunny Wales for a rapturous evening of jangly guitar post-punk rock. And fans certainly got their money's worth as the rattling Gangs concluded. It didn't take long for the crowd to get warmed up to their acrobatic sounds as interesting interpretative dance shapes were thrown down to the soundtrack of their slinky basslines and knee-jerk melodies.

Thankfully I packed my ear plugs as their change in timbre made for an interesting listening experience as they switched between the snarling Glueland to the softly played title track from their debut album Snake Sideways. And that's the great thing about this band, schematically their music follows suit, yet equally each track holds its own with its unique build-up and climatic finale.

From their poetic croons to the piercingly sharp guitars that cut through the wall of percussion and rumbling basslines, the band amicably rounded up with the crowd-pleasing Nerve, before quickly returning for a much called for 3 track encore. A hat-trick of sorts with the ever popular Handshakes marking an end to a remarkable evening. With concepts of death, religion and the mundane corporate work life ticked off, I think all bases were covered.

It's not their first time in Wales, and with performances like this, hopefully won't be the last. Be sure to catch them on the trajectory. 


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