Thursday 9 November 2023

Chiedu Oraka - Mayne (Prod. by Deezkid)

Photo credit: Luke Hallett

This week sees Chiedu Oraka unveil his brand new single 'Mayne', the first release to come from his signing with new EMI North partner Launchpad+. With its deep bassline and grime influence, the track serves as a true testament to the London scene as he steps up the game with ice cold lyrics and a flow unmatched. Speaking on the inspiration for the track, Oraka shares: "It sets the picture perfectly for this newfound energy I have running through my body. With 'Mayne', I wanted to go back to that feeling of when I fell in love with music, that old-school West Coast hip-hop sound with fun lyrics. In a time where everything feels so serious, I wanted to tap into that nostalgic feeling and add my own East Yorkshire flavour into the pot." Take a listen for yourselves below. 


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