Sunday 5 November 2023

Getdown Services - 'Evil on Tap'

Credit Sion Marshall

Ahead of the weekend, Getdown Services unveiled the third single to be taken from their upcoming debut album Crisps, sharing the insatiably catchy 'Evil on Tap'. Toeing the line between electronica and punk, the duo get to grips with snarling basslines and their signature tongue in cheek lyricism in fine style as expected. Vocalist Ben Sadler goes on to say, "This song is about the nature of repetition and how it feeds into everyday life. I wrote this song when I was in a particularly dissatisfied place. Working all the time whilst still not having enough money to cover the essentials is a fairly standard experience and, as is the culture in the UK, I tend to turn to drinking or reality tv or material goods or whatever as a distraction which obviously only ends up making things worse. How can there be one fix for 69 million people, and the fix that’s offered is simply ignore it. That being said there is comfort in repetition and routine, and finding a nice middle ground with anything is important. The world has evil on tap but learning to stem the flow and bend it, much like an avatar, is the key to becoming the master of the elements". Take a listen for yourselves below.

THU 16 NOV // Newcastle - Lubber Fiend
FRI 17 NOV // Leeds - Santiago
SAT 18 NOV // Sheffield - Alder Bar
TUE 21 NOV // Birmingham - The Sunflower Lounge
WED 22 NOV // Nottingham - Chameleon Cafe
THU 23 NOV // Portsmouth - The Loft // Supporting The Heebie Jeebies
FRI 24 NOV // Watchet - Pebbles Tavern
SUN 26 NOV // Southampton - The Loft
MON 27 NOV // Exeter - Move NightClub
WED 29 NOV // Brighton - Rossi
THU 30 NOV // London - The George Tavern

TUE 5 DEC // Laval - La Fosse
WED 6 DEC // Paris - Supersonic
THU 7 DEC // Brussels - Cheval Marin
FRI 9 DEC // Rotterdam - Vessel 11

Crisps is released via Breakfast Records on the 9th November.

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