Wednesday 1 November 2023

SOMOH - Man (Official Music Video)

Photo Credit: Oscar Blair

Newcomer SOMOH has today shared the scuzzy new single Man, serving as the perfect introductory to her new EP Problem Child  - out February 22nd via Far Caspian’s Tiny Library Records. On the video - filmed in the costume-hire department of York Playhouse - SOMOH explains: "For this music video, I wanted to capture the feeling of longing to fit into a world that doesn’t allow you to express yourself fully. We visited the most amazing costume warehouse in York, where we filed through hundreds of outfit options before deciding on the final picks.'Man’ was a challenging song to write, in that it was heavy to recall on the negative experiences of being in a queer relationship and struggling with thought that it would all be easier if I was someone else. I think the whole experience of filming the music video, from the creative process to the supportive crew, made me let go of this idea and appreciate the power in my authenticity." Speaking about the track in further detail she goes on to say, “It was written out of the jealousy I felt towards heterosexual couples able to display their love in public. I’ve experienced so many moments in my relationship where I haven’t felt comfortable or safe enough to be affectionate with my partner. I wanted this song to capture the desperation of wishing I didn’t have to hide that part of myself so much.” Take a listen for yourselves below. 

Live Dates
16 Nov - London - The Old Blue Last

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