Wednesday 24 January 2024

Bnny - 'Good Stuff'

Photo credit: Alexa Viscius

Today sees Bnny — the Chicago-based project of Jessica Viscius — announce her brand new album, One Million Love Songs, out April 5th via Fire Talk Records, accompanied by the release of her latest single Good Stuff. Described as a memory of heartbreak and a mantra for what's to come, the painstakingly beautiful arrangement steadily grows through its swirling vocals and emotively driven chord changes in to a true powerhouse pop effort. “It’s a breakup song,” says Viscius, “but it’s hopeful, optimistic even. Or perhaps it’s just the denial, hoping things will be different next time, hoping that love can save you”. Continuing about the album's theme she goes on to say, “I wanted to make songs that are exciting to play—songs that make me feel happy, this album is about love after loss, getting older, and just trying to have fun with a broken heart.” Take a listen/watch below with the official video.


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