Wednesday 24 January 2024

My First Time - Workwear

Photo credit: Cloe Morrison

With South West England becoming a real hotbed for new talent in recent months, Bristol's latest exports My First Time share their explosive new single Workwear. Facing consumerism head-on, the track's punk-esque delivery forges big melodies with catchy guitar riffs and a boisterous delivery that leaves no stone unturned in its path. Speaking more on the inspiration behind the new single, the band shared: "Workwear’ focuses on the bizarre effect a few words or logo on a piece of clothing can have on people's behaviour. When a model poses in a t-shirt that we’ll never look as good in, but we buy it anyway hoping we will! The song adopts the voices of three personas; ‘the over spender’, ‘the worried mother’ and the ‘marketing executive”. Overconsumption, consumerism, relentless advertising and body dysmorphia are constant companions for our generation." Take a listen for yourselves below.

My First Time are Isaac Stroud-Allen (guitar/lead-vocal), Jordanna Forsey (drums), James Mellen (guitar/vocal) and Niamh Jones (bass/vocal).

11th February, George Tavern - London
15th February, The Social - London
27th March, Strange Brew - Bristol
13th April, Outer Town Festival - Bristol


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