Friday 12 January 2024

Néomí - Somebody's Daughter

Photo: Sophie Paris

Returning with her exceptional new single this week, Néomí has unveiled the glistening Somebody's Daughter. Picking up where she left off last year, her latest effort sees buoyant pop melodies and introspective lyrics delivered in fine fashion. Adding about the new release, she said, "The track "somebody's daughter" was written in the same week as the single "your girl". As I was still in that same mood (pained and angry by misunderstanding words by others) I was writing more and more while carrying these unknown feelings around. To me "somebody's daughter" feels quite heavy as the message is really: whatever a person does, don't forget he or she will still be someone's kid. Times can get rough, and being mad on one another is healthy, but to forget the humanity behind a face can feel a bit cruel. I felt left out by that time, by people I saw as family. I am not saying that was their fault, or even mine, it was a feeling that I carried inside and wrote about. The song developed itself by taking me on its own story. All of a sudden I felt a bit more rage and anger for all the daughters (even boy, girl or non) that were mistreated on behaviour they were judged about. It is a sort of "cry for help" like hey I am juggling through life too. Just like you and you and you, don't forget I am still somebody's daughter. Why are we alive if you can't make mistakes, and what did I do by loving them all that time and getting just a simple rejection in return. Somehow in that state I was in, it didn't feel fair. As if they forgot I am still somebody's daughter." Take a listen for yourselves below. 

néomí Live Shows:
17.01.24 – ESNS @ Lutherse Kerk Groningen
09.03.24 – Grasnapolsky Festival, Groningen
10-16.03.24 – SXSW Festival, Austin TX
03.05.24 – PAARD, Den Haag
10.05.24 – Merleyn, Nijmegen
11.05.24 – EKKO, Utrecht
25.05.24 – Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam


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