Friday 19 January 2024

Noah Kahan - Homesick (With Sam Fender)

Following a teaser clip posted online by Noah Kahan with a mystery collab singer, many fans correctly guessed the vocals belonged to none other than North Shields native Sam Fender as the pair have today shared the new single, ‘Homesick’ – you can listen to it below. Effortlessly capturing being torn between the escapism and love for his hometown, it felt only natural for Sam to jump aboard having long shared the same sentiments. Sam Fender said: “I was told Noah wanted us to work together, and I’d heard the tune ‘Homesick’ and thought it was a lush song. We then spoke on the phone and immediately hit it off. I loved the idea of the song being a transatlantic call-and-response between two young kids desperate to escape their hometowns. The ‘running away’ theme has been done to death by myself, and many other artists over the last 50 years, but it’s relatable.

Noah actually came to my hometown of Newcastle when he was on tour, so we met up and I showed him around. I found it canny funny and flattering as he said in his east coast American accent, ‘I wanna see where these songs came from man’, so we hit the Lowlights Tavern for a swift Guinness and walked in the bitter cold of the sea-front. Chatting with him about things in both of our pasts made me realise how universal ‘Homesick’ is. We’ve all been that kid.

I cut my parts in North Shields, on the banks of the Tyne, literally overlooking the ‘static cranes’ that I mention in my verse; it’s a stone’s throw from the estate in which the riots took place in the early 90’s. It made me proud of my hometown, and my people. The Geordies are a hilarious bunch, resilient and impermeable to hard times and hard drinking; my hometown is a constant source of inspiration. Noah is great lad, a canny chanter and a mean wordsmith. I love the track, and I can’t wait for people to hear it.” Take a listen for yourselves.


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