Wednesday 17 January 2024

Olive Grinter - Murmurations

Following a debut release last year, Cardiff-based singer-songwriter Olive Grinter returns in 2024 with her second single ‘Murmurations’, a track deeply rooted in its earthly nuances and ethereally pleasing melodies. Beautifully played, the track's softly plucked guitar notes and swooning vocals slowly build in to an all encompassing masterpiece that's delivered in fine detail. In her own words she explains, “The word ‘murmuration’ is used to describe the dance of flocks of starlings. Their chaotic yet harmonious movements are entrancing. I like to think they emulate the mayhem of everyday life. If you were to step inside a murmuration it would be  horrifically loud, turbulent and fast-paced. However, step back and watch it from afar and you witness one of the most peaceful, mystical phenomena nature has to give. This song is about escaping into the slower, tranquil pace of nature.” Take a listen for yourselves below. 


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