Wednesday 21 February 2024

Better Joy - 'Dead Plants'

Manchester's Better Joy have today made their very welcomed return, unveiling the scintillating new single Dead Plants. Taking an alternative standpoint on love and relationships where you're fighting the inner dialogue of fight or flight, the track's gritty vocals and fierce guitar melodies serve to be another exciting introduction to their sound. Speaking about the track, Bria says, “’Dead Plants’ explores the complexities of love; when relationships are drying out and you don’t have a lot left to water them with. When they’re one-sided; when you’re at the end of your tether but the love is unconditional, so it’s both a nightmare and equally hard to let go; to accepting and understanding that someone  won’t or can’t change. The love isn’t lost, it’s reinvented and re-shaped to cater to our own needs and boundaries.” Take a listen to the introspective number for yourselves below with the track's official video. 


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