Wednesday 28 February 2024

Bored At My Grandmas House - Show and Tell

Photo Credit: Misha Warren

Leeds-based artist Amber Strawbridge, aka Bored At My Grandmas House, has recently returned with the announcement of her debut album Show & Tell due out June 7th via CLUE Records / EMI North. Unveiling its title track, we get another wonderful glimpse in to what lays ahead with angsty vocals, swirling melodies and quirky lyrics. Speaking about the track Amber explains: “Show & Tell is quite a tongue-in-cheek song about me being the opposite of an open book and all the little specific things about me that I sometimes wish were different. Overall it’s about me being a guarded person and fearing the possibility of having to be vulnerable and realising that vulnerability is actually a beautiful thing and something i shouldn’t be so scared of.” Take a listen below.

Live dates
16th October - London - MOTH Club 


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