Friday 2 February 2024

Nothing But Thieves - ‘Oh No :: He Said What?’

Not content with a massive European and UK tour, Nothing But Thieves have treated fans to ‘Oh No :: He Said What?’, a brand new single taken form their forthcoming Deluxe version of their #1 album ‘Dead Club City’ released on 15th March via RCA/Sony. Slotting in seamlessly with the record, the track's convulsing basslines and soaring synths deliver another futuristic hit that's packed with infectious hooks and choruses. The band say; “Like ‘Welcome To The DCC’, the song is mostly from the point of view of those running ‘Dead Club City’ - except now, they're panicked by the monster they've helped to create. The grifters have moved in. A utopia that was meant to be beyond borders or traditional government control has been dragged back down by the human condition, maybe it was inevitable. The song was the very last thing we finished off in the studio and at one point wasn't really part of the concept. The story was meant to end with ‘Pop The Balloon’ but these extra songs leave the door open a bit. We like that. Maybe we'll want to check in on ‘Dead Club City’ in a decade's time and see how it's doing?” Take a listen for yourselves below.

Dead Club City Deluxe: 

1. Welcome To The DCC
2. Overcome
3. Tomorrow Is Closed
4. Keeping You Around
5. City Haunts
6. Do You Love Me Yet?
7. Members Only
8. Green Eyes :: Siena
9. Foreign Language
10. Talking To Myself
11. Pop The Balloon
12. Oh No :: He Said What? 
13. Time :: Fate :: Karma :: God
14. Pure You
15. Overcome (Stripped)
16. Tomorrow Is Closed (Stripped)


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