Tuesday 6 February 2024

The Rhythm Method -'Dean Martin'

photo credit: Lewis Robinson

Following on from their ode to television sets, it seems only fitting for The Rhythm Method to return with their latest single entitled Dean Martin. Continuing their explorative dynamic, the track again sees the pair develop their sound in to a concoction of pop elements and quirky lyrics as they look set to deliver their most polished record to date. On new single, the duo say: "Talking about the tour life, nighttime on the great British high street. A night out in a place you don’t really know, following last orders all the way to the casino. In every UK karaoke pub there’s always a bloke who gets up and sings some random country caper song you’ve never heard before. This is our attempt. Bill Ryder-Jones plays the slide guitar. Ennio Morricone played nothing. Yee-haw". Take a listen for yourselves below.

The duo's second album Peachy is due March 8th through Moshi Moshi Records.


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