Monday 4 March 2024

Gabby Martin - Cologne

Photo artwork: Louisa Wilkie

British singer-songwriter Gabby Martin returned ahead of the weekend with her sensational new single Cologne. Written about those moments where you're instantly transported to a particular memory following the fleeting smell of someone or something, the track's towering pop sensibilities and powerful delivery captures her songwriting prowess in fine detail. Talking about the track, Gabby admits, “You know when you hear a specific song and it reminds you of an exact time in your life, or you smell someone’s fabric conditioner and it instantly reminds you of a childhood friend? That. Cologne refers to something that comes back to you again and again, reminding you of what you once had and perhaps what you still want. Somehow, without trying, you’re thinking about them again and wondering if for just one night you could forget it all. I voice noted the pre-chorus in the bathroom at about 2am in December, I then took it into the studio in Limehouse and we turned it into a painfully sad, annoyingly catchy indie pop track with an epic 90s head-banging ending. I love it.” Take a listen for yourselves below.


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