Thursday 11 April 2024

Ellur - Boys

Photo Credit: Emie Grimwood

Following on from kicking off the year with the dazzling Satellites, Ellur has backed it up with yet another passionately delivered effort in Boys.“‘Boys’ amplifies voices and redefines manhood, through the illuminating narrative of the female teenage experience”, explains Ellur. “It’s dedicated to anyone who’s been let down by the current system.” With its towering pop sensibilities and powerful message perpetuated by catchy guitars and soaring choruses, it serves as another mighty fine effort for the shining wunderkind. Speaking ahead of her single release, Ellur further revealed: “I wrote ‘Boys’ after reflecting upon girlhood and what that looked like for myself and so many other women. As a society we dismiss toxic and abusive behaviours that are sometimes exhibited in some young men as “boyish behaviour” and I remember being frequently told “boys will be boys” when discussing how these behaviours made me feel. I believe this blatant disregard for the emotions of young women and the discrediting of young men and their intellect and intelligence is one of the main contributors to the upholding of the patriarchy and violence against women. The song itself, the production, the press shoot and the video have all been carefully considered to reflect these difficult feelings I, and many other women have had to face due to our experiences.” The track was recorded by an all-female/non-binary team in the studio (including producer Steph Marziarno), in addition to an all-female team for the official music video which you can now stream below.


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