Monday 22 April 2024

Live Review: October Drift - Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff 20 April 2024

Amidst a buzz of anticipation, rolling in to Cardiff to kick-start their 2024 UK tour, Taunton's October Drift played to a packed out Clwb Ifor Bach with an explosive energy. Anyone not accustomed to their sound would quickly learn they've developed an innate ability in crafting soft palpable nuances with gritty guitars, all neatly wrapped up in a post-punk vigour, but live is a totally different beast. 

With an aura of raw authenticity, they launched into their set with an electrifying fervour that intensely captured the audience as they wasted no time rattling through their catalogue of hits, unleashed with an onslaught of power.

It's not until 3 songs in frontman Kiran Roy finally addressed the crowd with his gratitude and appreciation. This a band that have long been acquainted with their fans. And it's no surprise to see him leave his post multiple times to get amongst the action as he walked through the crowd with his guitar held high, much to the room's delight.

As the night progressed and fans began to loosen up, matching the head thrashing energy on stage, Kiran asked if anyone wanted to hear a new one. Of course, met with a rowdy cheer. Showing real promise for what lays ahead as they continue to tease new music, the band show no signs of slowing their output. Evident on their recent single Blame The Young, a track written about standing up to denial, which sent shock waves through the room as its crashing percussion and aspirant lyrics cascaded throughout the tightly packed venue. It seemed fans had done their homework too as they sang back the words despite it only being released a few days prior.

Accompanied by the dynamic interplay of guitarists Alex Bispham and Dan Young, the band unleashed a torrent of sound as their melodies soared and dipped, weaving intricate patterns that stirred the emotions and set hearts ablaze in their cathartic release. A special moment being the charging single Oh The Silence that was delivered with pin point accuracy.

Sadly, all good things must end. But with no encore the band weren't about to leave fans empty handed as they departed with a moving finale. Arriving at the centre of the room to perform their customary closure, with a stripped back duet from Kiran and drummer Chris Holmes, armed with a tambourine and amped by the crowds slowly rising crescendo, the night bowed out on a memorable high.

As the final chords faded, October Drift certainly left a sense of awe and reverence in their wake. And for those fortunate enough to be in attendance, it was an experience that would remain etched into the very fabric of their being. 


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