Tuesday 16 April 2024

Make Friends - 'Loaded Fun' (Official Video)

Photo credit: Holly Whitaker

Bristol-based outfit Make Friends have today returned with their exhilarating new single Loaded Fun, produced by Bombay Bicycle Club's Ed Nash. Opening up a new chapter in their musical venture, the track sees high octane guitars and scattered percussion send light waves through to Tom Andrew's electrifying vocals. A perfect introduction to what looks set to be an exciting time ahead for the four-piece as they look to share further music throughout the year. Speaking more on the release of their new single, the band shared: "Loaded Fun is a post break up song. The track depicts a relationship where one person has fallen into bad habits, and after everything has broken down, you reflect upon what went wrong. The title ‘Loaded Fun’ depicts having “fun” but at a cost, in this instance using drugs excessively to enjoy the company of your partner.The chorus of the song best describes that post break up feeling, where you know that you've lost a part of your life, however you don't miss the anxiety and occasions where “Loaded Fun” seemed like your only option. And realising that you don't have to put up with any of it. Hate is a strong word." Take a listen below.

Live Dates
Notting Hill Arts Club in London on 11th July.

Make Friends are Tom Andrew (vocals, bass), David Thomas (guitar), Connor Crabb (guitar) and Max Lewin (drums)


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