Wednesday 17 April 2024

Telenova - Power (Official Video)

Australian trio Telenova have returned ready to kickstart the weekend early with their latest disco-tinged single “Power.” Backed with an official video directed by frontwoman Angeline Armstong the kaleidoscopic visuals add a further boost to the track's buoyant energy as the track's funky melodies and smooth sophistication take over. Speaking about the song’s creation Angeline explains “The song is a fable-like story of a flower in love with the sun, but the sun is setting. And the flower is afraid of being left alone in the darkness without the very thing that gives it power and strength. Of course, the flower unaware that the sun inevitably always rises again. The more we kept building out the lyrics the more Josh and I realized its a fairly multi-layered metaphor for love. Inevitably (and beautifully) people will hear different things in the meaning of ‘Power’, it resonates on a romantic-love kind of micro level, but can really extend out to a divine kind of love and existential longing - whatever your idea of ‘God’ or the universe or something ‘bigger’ it’s the cry of a human being out to whatever is out there, to like, not be abandoned basically, not be left to our own devices all on our own. And then we shroud that all in a big fun dancey disco tune - because why not.” Take a listen for yourselves below.

Europe / UK
June 15th @ Release Athens, Athens GRE
Sep 18th @ BlÄ, Oslo NOR
Sep 19th @ Bar Brooklyn, Stockholm SWE
Sep 21st @ Merjeriet, Lund SWE
Sep 22nd @ RUST, Copenhagen DK
Sep 24th @ Katine Am Berghain, Berlin GER
Sep 25th @ Nochtwache, Hamburg GER
Sep 26th @ Jaki, Cologne GER
Sep 27th @ AB Club, Brussels BEL
Sep 28th @ POPUP!, Paris FRA
Sep 29th @ Paradiso, Amsterdam NL
Oct 1st @ Lower Third, London UK
Oct 2nd @ YES Basement, Manchester UK 


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