Wednesday 22 May 2024

Sandy Crow - Handgun Wisdom

Acclaimed British actor and director Jamie Flatters today returns under the moniker Sandy Crow with his latest single Handgun Wisdom. Referring to his alias in third person, it's given Flatters a further creative outlet to explore new ideas and musical endeavours. And here we get to see him raise huge pop sensibilities through catchy choruses and bubbling melodies. Discussing the new single, Jamie says “This song was a big scheme. I wanted to write something that would be fun to play live and give the singer the excuse to do that thing where they leave the stage and join the people on the floor, in the hopes that someone grabs your sweaty head and shouts ‘I LOVE YOU JAMIE’ and you get to shout back ‘NO, NO! NOT MY NAME! MY NAME IS SANDY CROW!! Never forget that! Security take this man away!!!.” Sharing further insight in to his musical alias, sandy crow, earlier this year, Jamie said “sandy crow is an artist from South London currently flirting with pop music in a bastardised fashion. His influences range from music artists past and present, but perhaps most significantly, he’s influenced by the idea that these artists became. Who sandy crow will ultimately become seems premature to determine; nevertheless, a myriad of artistic obsessions will contribute to the mosaic of his image and sound. sandy crow is pop music's trojan horse. What's packaged as pop music hides something both rotten and refreshing, which will cause any American to crown him as the new general of the British Invasion music scene.” Take a watch of the self-directed video for yourselves below.


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