Monday 3 June 2024

Clothing - Still Point feat. L'Rain (Official Video)

credit: Sinna Nasseri

Coinciding with the announcement of their debut album From Memory, Released 26th July, electronic duo Clothing have today unveiled their brilliant new single Still Point. Collaborating with American multi-instrumentalist and vocalist L'Rain, the track's warming lilt offers a further exciting introduction to what lays ahead as it's smooth vocals and fluctuating melodies bring forth their multi-dimensional sound. As Sterling explains, “‘Still Point’ is a song about love and devotion, and the fear of losing those things. It is a banal, cruel fact that love is so self-evidently what life is about, yet it opens us up to visitations from the worst horrors imaginable. There are so many ways to lose something irreplaceable: breakup, serious illness, plane crash…Any time I’m reminded of this, I fill with terror: ‘It’s a long way down to the bottom now.’” “After we heard L’Rain’s beautiful performance, we went back and rearranged the chorus to give her voice even more space,” says Israni. “That’s how we ended up with such a bare, almost solemn first chorus compared to the more ecstatic second. She chose this song right away and brought so much pathos to her performance. Her wordless outro vocal is sublime.” Take a listen for yourselves below


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